Social media marketing & brand communications

Our Focus

Helping you unlock the power of your story
Social Media and Digital

Helping you build relationships with the people you value most through social media & digital communications.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Creating a clear vision, plan & identity to build a loved brand and loyal fans that will stick with you long term.

Communication planning

Boosting impact by integrating communication efforts – while minimizing your time, energy and cost.

Creative Services

Crafting your story with powerful words and images to ensure you get noticed by the people who matter most.

About Sedona Communications

Seamless branding, social media, and marketing communications

We’re a boutique branding and social media agency catering to small and mid-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations. With deep experience in the complex business-to-business (B2B) and services worlds, we help clients cut through the noise and get noticed by their ideal clients – in both the digital and offline space. From big picture thinking through to managing the nitty gritty, we deliver compelling communication programs specifically designed to boost visibility, engagement and loyalty. Sedona Communications is located in Leamington and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

  • Brand Strategy

    Developing an overall vision and plan to deliver a brand experience that your audience will remember, value, and respond to

  • Social Media and Digital Communications

    Creating a well-thought out strategy and plan for publishing relevant, targeted content across digital channels including web and social media

  • Communication Planning

    Integrating communication activities across all traditional and digital channels to generate the greatest possible impact

  • Creative services

    Marrying the right words, images, and design to ensure your story gets noticed by the people who matter most to you - both online and off


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