About Harp Arora

Principal Brand & Social Media Consultant, Sedona Communications

Harp Arora, Social Media and Brand ConsultantHarp is a brand and social media consultant helping clients get the attention they deserve. In her workshops, training, and consulting, she advises organizations on how to be more targeted, relevant, and impactful with their communications. The result? Clear and compelling messages that get heard – in both the digital and offline space.

Before launching Sedona Communications in 2003, Harp spent 10 years in various marketing management and executive roles in the corporate world.

Harp brings a distinct blend of corporate, academic, and agency expertise to the table. Known for her ability to bring clarity to complex issues, she has a knack for digging deeper by asking the right, but often tough questions. Her ideas are grounded in theory, tested in reality, and carried out with creativity.

An early adopter of social media, Harp quickly recognized the power it had to change the way her clients do business. By far, the most exciting aspect being its ability to level the playing field for small and mid sized businesses – offering an accessible, low-cost way to capture the hearts and minds of customers. All without the deep pockets of the big players.

Harp has taught various marketing courses at the University of Waterloo and in Wilfrid Laurier University’s undergrad and MBA programs. She holds an MBA and a BA in Psychology.

She is a columnist for Exchange business magazine, writing about social media trends and issues. She’s also a contributing author to the bestseller “Sales Gurus Speak Out”, published in 6 languages.

Sedona Communications is based in Leamington and Waterloo Ontario. Learn more about our consulting services or our social media management programs.